Heading for Alaska

It is time to go on the road. It has been a great winter in Texas. A great place to live, but it can be hot in the summer, so we will be heading for Alaska soon. This is our first posting for this trip. We are trying WordPress and we don’t know what we are doing.

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The following pictures are included as a test to see how this works. We recently went to a Crawfish festival in Louisiana and visited the Tabasco factory. This is the only place Tabasco is made, 70,000 bottles a day, four days a week. Peppers are grown in Central America, but processed here.

20140526-063201-23521120.jpgEntrance to the Bottling Plant and Visitor Center


Cypress knees at Avery Island, LA

Avery Island is actually a 150 foot high salt dome in the swamp. There is access from the island via water to the Gulf of Mexico. The salt deposit extends over four miles below the surface. Salt is mined here and used in the production of the sauce. The peppers are ground into a slurry and aged in a wooden barrel. Salt is placed on top of the lid as a seal.


Alligator on shore near the Bird Sanctuary on Avery Island.

Tabasco Brand

If you have any problems with the posting or questions on the procedure please let me know.  The posting is open to the public so you may invite others to follow along too by giving them the web site address.



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